Mental Resiliency Training

Sharpening your edge is often related to preparation and improving the mental game. Mental strengths translate to increased productivity. Through improved focus, resilience and self-awareness, we empower the ability to recognize typical effects of stress and conversely, instruct the skills most effective to mitigate stress, increase performance and enhance resilience skills.


scar program

For Helping Professionals. Self-Care and Resilience (SCaR) is an 8-week self-care program rooted in trauma-informed protocols. SCaR meets the needs of helping professionals that function in a high-stress, crisis/critical care environment — those vulnerable to experiencing high levels of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional fatigue.


resilience program

For Individuals. Train your brain! Operating at a continuous level of intensity exhausts the brain and body. Utilizing techniques of mindfulness, breath, meditation, active posture and visualization, participants learn to apply techniques that enable you to be responsive and less reactive to life!


Mindful Athlete program

For Individuals and Teams. You train your body, now train your brain. Gaining an advantage over opponents is often related to being in the present moment and improving your mental game. Utilizing active recovery and down-regulation techniques, you can train your brain and body to work together — creating the most optimal and responsive you!