Gain an edge on your mental game.

Gaining an edge is often related to preparation and improving the mental game. Mental strengths translate to increased productivity. Through improved focus, resilience and self-awareness, we empower the ability to recognize typical effects of stress and conversely, instruct the skills most effective to mitigate stress, increase performance and enhance resilience skills.


For Individuals


Resilience program

Train your brain! Operating at a continuous level of intensity exhausts the brain and body.  Chronic stress response means the body is preparing defensively at the expense of healing, cell repair, digestion and the elimination of waste which negatively impact performance, sleep, relationships and quality of life. Your brain and body are resilient! Utilizing techniques of mindfulness, breath, meditation, active posture and visualization, participants learn to apply techniques that are innate to the way you were born to function β€” the most optimal and responsive you!

Techniques are proven to:

  • Enhance cognitive capacity (rapid recall/decision making)
  • Build self-awareness
  • Improve physical and emotional stress management
  • Increase self-control
  • Provide sustainable skills for rest and recovery
  • Reduce stress-related disorders such as anxiety, depression and sleeplessness