Gain an edge on your mental game.

Gaining an edge is often related to preparation and improving the mental game. Mental strengths translate to increased productivity. Through improved focus, resilience and self-awareness, we empower the ability to recognize typical effects of stress and conversely, instruct the skills most effective to mitigate stress, increase performance and enhance resilience skills.


For Health Professionals


SCAR program

Self-Care and Resilience (SCaR) is an 8-week self-care program rooted in trauma-informed protocols.

SCaR meets the needs of helping professionals that function in a high-stress, crisis/critical care environment β€” those vulnerable to experiencing high levels of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional fatigue.

SCaR aims to improve the quality and longevity of health professionals by building self-awareness, self-compassion, mindfulness, rest, de-biasing, focus and coping skills.



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