Performance isn't limited to the physical time you spend in class. Our yoga services will strengthen and enhance your performance in the gym, at work, in real life and beyond. The time you spend working out is limited but the benefits of yoga are endless. 


real Yoga

Stretch, strengthen and restore your body from top to bottom, inside out with our REAL yoga classes. From beginner to advanced — all levels will find accessibility, growth and success. 


therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is an effective practice for those recovering from injury, illness, or anyone looking for personalized yoga sessions. Therapeutic Yoga is restorative and gentle. Using breath work, energetics, integrative restoration and guided meditation to build balance and reduce stress. 


mindful yoga therapy

Mindful Yoga Therapy is a post-traumatic growth program rooted in yogic practices of breath control techniques, meditation, mindful movement, integrative restoration/yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and gratitude.  Participants are empowered with the skills to live a resilient life and create calm and steady body-mind.