The kind of attention pro-athletes get for real people.

Through REAL F.I.T. you can become stronger, more resilient, alleviate pain and perform better. With this high-level of training, your coach will make the workout work for you. He’ll modify the moves to accommodate your strength level, ability, and injuries—the kind of attention pro-athletes get for real people.



Each REAL F.I.T. class starts with a mobility/warm-up and progresses to a primary movement that helps improve potential muscular imbalances and postural issues. 

The class progresses into a small circuit designed to complement the primary movement. 

REAL F.I.T. ends with with HIIT style conditioning to improve cardiovascular health.

real f.i.t. phases

Moving through phases is a key element in our REAL F.I.T. programming. Hypertrophy, power, strengthening and conditioning; these are some of the phases that yield tangible results. As an ebb-and-flow theme you can come as you are and jump right in!