Enabling active symptom coping.


Mindful Yoga Therapy is a post-traumatic growth program rooted in yogic practices of breath control techniques, meditation, mindful movement, integrative restoration/yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and gratitude.  Participants are empowered with the skills to live a resilient life and create calm and steady body-mind. MYT tools enable personalized, portable self-care techniques and are beneficial for active symptom coping.  



  • Rewire the fight or flight response
  • Lowers state and trait anxiety
  • Improves anger management skills
  • Builds awareness and coping skills to address alcohol and drug use.
  • Increases ability to self-calm
  • Helps participants recognize and safely release emotions without judgment
  • Brings participants back to the present by reconnecting mind to body
  • Improves focus/attention
  • Promotes self-care
  • Active symptom coping skills
  • Build expressions of gratitude that fosters recognition of positive events
  • Balance nervous system to exist in body with ease
  • Improves quality of rest/sleep

real team facilitates mindful yoga therapy (myt)

  1. The Joseph House
  2. REAL Human Performance
  3. VA Medical Center Domiciliary
  4. Hamilton County Veterans Treatment Court
  5. VA Medical Center TBI Residential Program
  6. VA Medical Center PTSD Residential Program