Jen Wright (Schneeman)

Director of Mental Resilience and Corporate Wellness

Jen is a founding partner and specializes in stress management, performance optimization and resiliency training. She spent over a decade facilitating human performance strategies at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Defense Sciences Office and later the Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Performance Wing prior to directing local programs and evaluation of chronic stress, chronic pain, addiction and cognitive resiliency skills.

While working in a postโ€“9/11 environment, Jen researched and integrated alternative practices personally and professionally. Seeing an ever-evolving connection between medical and integrative medicine, Jen secured grants to further the clinical outcomes of the mindbody interventions.

She brought Mindful Yoga Therapy (MYT) to Cincinnati and as a VA Research Associate, she instructs trauma-informed programs across Cincinnati VA facilities, including clinical research trials at VA Medical Center Trauma Recovery Center (residential PTSD and TBI programs), substance abuse recovery facilities for veterans in transition and outpatient programs for VA Mental Health Care, Womenโ€™s Health and Hamilton County Veterans Treatment Court. Recently this program was expanded to Juvenile Court and residential treatment programs for at-risk youth.

Jen developed and facilitates the Self-Care and Resilience protocol to groups of mental health professionals as well as cognitive and mental strengths training to Fortune 1000 companies and non-profits ranging from community-based organization to the NFL. She also instructs reintegration programs for the military on stress management and self-regulation. Jen presents these outcomes at peer-reviewed research conferences and is featured across local news outlets and nationally with the Huffington Post and NPR.