Bust A Move With Bryan: Step into REAL Fusion

At its core REAL Fusion is all about moving, and the best way to get moving is to dance.



All moves start with one step


When people hear REAL F-Ex Fusion incorporates dance, people give one of two reactions; 1. "I love dancing, is it like Zumba?" or 2. "Oh gosh I can’t dance, am I going to look like an idiot?" As humorous as both sides of the spectrum are, the kind of dancing we do falls right in the middle. Throughout class I build in basic “dance steps” along side plyometric and cardio based movements to keep the heart rate up and the body grooving.

In my Fusion classes you rarely go an hour without seeing at least one grapevine, jazz square, or salsa step. We start simple, offering plenty of modifications and guidance. People may have been born with rhythm, but no one was born a great dancer. It takes practice, enthusiasm, and a little courage. For my students, all it takes is one step: coming to class. I will take care of the rest and before long you will be breaking it down with the best.



Why We Dance


Dancing is more than just a fun way to spice up a fitness class. It is an integral part of understanding your body, and how to move throughout the world. Dance requires balance, coordination, focus, awareness, cardio, strength, flexibility, agility, control, and energy. These components are the foundation for any quality fitness program, so if a simple two-step does the trick, imagine what an entire class can do for you.

Dancing also requires cooperation. Yes, your body must cooperate with what your mind is telling it to do. More importantly, when we dance we learn to interact with those around us. There is no better feeling in a Fusion class than when all my students hit a move in synchronization. It provides an extra jolt of energy that can be felt by everyone and you immediately see the result on the students’ faces. 

We dance because it’s good for the mind, you can’t just shut off. We dance because it’s good for the body, highly effective and unlike any other cardio workout. We dance because it’s good for soul, both because of the music and the fun. We dance because we can, and life after all is just one big dance!


Dance with Bart


When I started teaching group fitness classes my inspiration came from many places, but above all it came from dance. I knew that to teach a great class, it had to be authentic, and I simply love to dance. I am not Shaun T or Richard Simmons, but I may be a fusion of the two of them (pun intended).

My own training was always a combination of athletics, strength/lifting, cardio conditioning, and a lot of dancing. When the opportunity to create my own class arose, I knew that all of these had to be a part of it. My Fusion class is and continues to be my inspiration because it is who I am. I created it to share a piece of myself with my students, in hopes that both they and future instructors would be able to experience a fun and healthy side of themselves along side me.

Group fitness isn't about getting on the same level, it is about getting better together. This is what the Fusion class embodies for me, and what I want every student to feel as they walk out the door after class. Come dance with me Wednesday 9:00 am and 11:00 am, Saturday 9:00 am, and Sunday 11:00 am.