Invest in us and the returns are REAL.

“I leave sessions feeling more refreshed when I return to my work day.”

“The sessions help me to refocus and fully be present for my client." 

“I absolutely love the sessions and the results last all day.”

Stress is a certainty of life - build resilience to perform and feel better.

  • The World Health Organization names stress as the health epidemic of the 21st century.

  • The American Psychological Association estimates that stress costs American businesses up to $500 billion each year. 

  • Aetna has saved around $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs and gained around $3,000 per employee in productivity with implementation of a resilience program. 

Outside of the direct financial gains, companies reduce absenteeism, turnover, perceived stress and increase overall wellbeing. At REAL Human Performance, we believe outcomes matter and we will quantify your results! Maximize your investment with our dedication, knowledge and experience - the returns are worth quoting. 



REAL educational seminars focus on our five core pillars: Lifestyle Integration, Movement, Nutrition, Stress and Sleep. Our highly qualified team tailor’s messaging to your company's language, needs and stress points.


offsite training

Let us bring the quality of our onsite services directly to your employees. Whether it be mental resiliency training or a yoga or fitness class, we offer a wide variety of services direct to our corporate clients.


onsite partnerships

Working with your company, we design a plan that fits with your all of your corporate needs and existing EAP. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, REAL Human Performance is the place to invest in your team's resilience.

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